The 5G era

We’re excited about the far-reaching changes 5G will bring: faster networks, better connectivity and lower latency.

The speed of 5G will be 20 times faster than the current 4G speeds. As a result, web pages will load faster – to the joy of users – and bounce rates will be reduced. And as network speeds increase, more and more tasks now done on computers will be done on phones and tablets.

In addition, with higher data processing rates, 5G opens the door to more engaging creative content in multiple formats across various devices. Augmented and virtual reality, 4K video and high-quality video streaming will all be possible.

This will lead to an increase in engagement with these media and an increase in time spent watching video on mobile devices. Creative content will matter more than ever with the advent of 5G.

Streaming larger, higher-quality videos will lead to a dramatic increase in a consumer’s time spent watching this format.

The speed of 5G will increase cloud computing. This enables machine learning algorithms to comb through massive amounts of data, all stored in the cloud, and produce valuable data analysis quickly.

As network speeds increase, more and more tasks will be transitioned from the world of computers to the world of smart devices. Though this technology won’t be widespread in 2019, the ad tech industry is bound to start planning this year for the future.

5G will enable more complex and personalised advertising. And we can’t wait.