#1 Bootstrapped from day 1

Tim had always dreamt of owning his own company. From a young age, he saw the opportunities where others ignore them. When he was 13 and 14, he had his first taste of entrepreneurship stringing tennis rackets and selling tennis clothes on the side.

With this business and growth mindset, Tim started Social Blue in 2013. From day one, Tim had to make sure the company had enough revenue to not only provide for his family but to finance the company’s growth. This titanic achievement was conquered by focusing on profitability since day one and the bases of our pay-per-lead model.

The Social Blue PPL model is result-oriented and focused on delivering qualified leads to the client – no charge for creating strategy, imagery, advertisement texts, analysing data, and running split-run tests – just the leads. This profit-focus mindset is what has helped Social Blue triumph as a lead generation agency and propel our partnerships forward.

#2 Becoming a lead generation expert

Tim and the team attended LeadsCon in 2015 and familiarised themselves with the ins and outs of the American lead generation market during this time. Just three years later in 2018, Social Blue had its own booth at LeadsCon. Today, we’re Facebook experts and the social media giant acknowledges us as an official Facebook Marketing partner as of December 2018. They’ve even penned a success case about Social Blue on their website.

Social Blue was one of the first to focus on Facebook advertising to generate solid leads for high-profile clients.

#3 Global reach

Our headquarters in Hoorn boasts a beautiful mural of the world map that proudly pinpoints our offices across the globe. In the early days, the team would place stickers on countries where campaigns were run outside of The Netherlands. By the end of 2018, we had 4 offices, and as of 2020, we’ve grown to 10 offices worldwide! Our global reach does not only include the list of clients we serve. Our team is composed of people from more than 25 nationalities!

#4 Technology and innovation

Innovation has always been at the heart of Social Blue. Our philosophy has always been to invest in the growth of our technology, and future business models. We hit a big milestone in 2019 when our team of 20 developers created our “Partner Portal”. This in-house tech allows our clients to track the live performance of their campaigns, see conversion insights, and schedule recurring detailed reports. The Partner Portal is a true testament of our goal for transparency and helped us better nurture our longstanding partnerships.

We select the best channels for each campaign based on data generated by our in-house campaign management platform BERT, which tracks performance in real-time. We track ads through unique tags, continuously optimise campaigns, and make the very best of machine-learning to maximize our clients’ ROI.

Since September of 2019, our marketing team also started working more heavily with AGILE, an approach to project management that focuses on incremental, effective and routinely evaluated output.

#5 Expanding to New Traffic Sources

In February 2020, Social Blue branched out its expertise to include native and display advertising, alongside Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger lead generation, by acquiring Netofex Lead Agency B.V. Upon expanding our reach beyond social channels, our ads now generate traffic through premium local websites that have helped reach new audiences. By October, we had already set new records in terms of our performance through native. We’re confident that we’re well on our way to realizing our goal of becoming the #1 lead generation agency in the world.

#6 Success despite COVID-19

Despite the shift caused by the coronavirus, we were able to not only retained our whole team but expand and welcome new Social Bluers. Our team settled into their workstations at home with ease, and we’re delighted by the creative methods they’ve been developing to engage with each other and brainstorm over web conferencing platforms.

Over the years, we’ve won multiple awards for our lead generation expertise, including Deloitte Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA, and Start-up List Canada. We’ve been consistently reaching new heights even in these past few months, and we’re sure we’re well on our way to receiving many more accolades.

#7 Talent Development at Social Blue

Through the years, we’ve focused on talent development. More than 30 colleagues were promoted to senior or management positions instead of hiring external talent for senior roles. We’re truly proud of such achievements, especially given the current scenario, and it’s a true testament to the force of our pay-per-lead business model.

Bottom line

We’ve come a long way since 2013, but it’s a relatively short period for a company to scale up and flourish so quickly. Every Social Bluer has worked hard to bring us closer to our goal of conquering the global lead generation market, and we could not be more thrilled to celebrate this momentous occasion of our 7th anniversary.