The iOS 14 Changes in a Nutshell

Going forward, apps will be required to get permission from users to track them or access their device’s advertising identifier. But everybody does this now, right? Sort of. As it stands now, most privacy and data collection work in an opt-out fashion, meaning they alert the user the data is being collected and how it is used, but the user is responsible for updating any privacy settings, which no one does. Now, the user will have to explicitly choose to opt-in or agree to be tracked.

Advertising on Facebook and the iOS 14 Privacy Updates

This major change that iOS rolled out could mean a drop in Facebook data, leaving advertisers to adapt and rethink how to target users, optimize campaigns and measure performance going forward.

The data collected by Facebook helps advertisers design ads that are relevant to the user. Without this data, advertisers cannot deliver personalized ads, meaning the user will still see ads, but those ads won’t be as relevant as before. Facebook indicates that this change “will have hard-hitting implications for businesses that advertise on mobile devices and across the web.”

Social Blue, its Partners, and the iOS 14 Privacy Updates

While nobody knows the real impact or how these updates will play out exactly, we don’t particularly see it as unfavorable here at Social Blue. We have always stood at the forefront of transparency. We believe that privacy protection is a fundamental matter for customers. From our experience, providing an explicit and transparent opt-in has positively impacted the quality of our leads.

Every advertiser on the Facebook platform will be affected by these changes, including Social Blue. This means that our team has been proactive, agile, and strategic to serve our partners, strategies, and shared goals.

We predict that our simple and effective strategic framework will be minimally impacted by Facebook’s upcoming changes. If anything, it might actually make advertising more challenging for other marketers and be more cost-efficient for us by reducing the competition.

How is Social Blue preparing for the iOS 14 Privacy Updates

• Make sure we are verifying each domain that our advertiser wants to send data from.
• Choose and prioritize up to 8 Pixel Events per domain and plan our campaigns to operate around these 8 events.
• Prepare for the new attribution window default (7-day click) and export all historical data based on the ‘old’ attribution windows we were using in campaigns.
• Rethink our campaign strategy and setup, such as alternative audiences, new event optimizations, and new bid strategies.

Learning from the Past

When GDPR was introduced in 2018, it was initially announced as a potential threat to lead generation efforts and online advertisers. However, as we always make sure that we follow the most transparent practices when collecting user’s personal data, GDPR compliance turned into a positive change by increasing the quality of leads that we provide to our clients.

The Future and iOS Privacy Updates

As users become more tech-savvy and protective of their privacy, advertisers can only expect more data updates like the ones rolled out by Apple. These regulations and rules will only force businesses and advertisers to be more transparent, honest, and consumer centric. At Social Blue, we are incredibly confident in our ability to quickly respond and adapt to these changes, making us come out on top.

These kinds of changes force us to be on top of things, being agile and showcase every single day why we are experts in this field.
Koen Verhoeff Chief Marketing Officer