Cookie statement

On our website we make use of cookies. A cookie is information stored on your device (e.g. computer, mobile phone) by a website you visit. It can contain personal data e.g. the name of the server that placed it there, an online identifier like the IP address or cookie identifier in form of a unique number. A server can access the cookie to read and record the information. In most cases, the data on your surfing behavior is collected and analyzed anonymously and can therefore not identify you in the real world.

1. Why does this website use cookies?

On our website, we make use of cookies to tune our services to your needs and to better align structure, navigation and content of the website. This will, for example, facilitate your browsing, store your preferences and make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier.

2. What types of cookies is this website using?

Performance Cookies: Such cookies measure your behavior on our website. In order to find out which parts of our websites are interesting for our visitors, we collect data with respect to the use of our website. For example, we track the number of visitors, the most visited pages, surfing behavior of the visitors or the duration of a visit of the website. This data is not used for any other purpose.

Marketing Cookies: We also use a marketing cookie for online advertising and (re-)targeting. This enables us to use identify target groups and assign the advertising content to them.

3. How can I control the use of cookies?

Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can deactivate this function if you wish. Refer to the information provided by your browser supplier to find out how. However, refusing all cookies could mean that you cannot take full advantage of our website. There are also other possibilities to opt-out from specific cookies like browser plug-ins (see section 4) or websites which can help you to understand and control the use of cookies like (Europe) or (Canada).

4. Cookies on this website 

Google Analytics: Google Inc. takes care of the installation of the cookies, the investigation and analysis of the resulting information. For this analysis, information (e.g. IP address) is transmitted to Google. However, Google Analytics is designed in such a way as to keep the data anonymous. That means that your IP address will by anonymized and not combined with other data from Google. Google’s Privacy Statement gives you more information about it:

Storage times of Google Analytics cookies vary from 1 min. up to 2 years.
For more technical information of Google cookies see here:

To opt-out you can download and install the browser plug-in available at:

New Relic: The cookie of New Relic Inc. monitors the performance of the website, its underlying systems and architecture. The cookie used expires at the end of the user’s session. For the cookies that New Relic installs you can find more information on here:

Facebook Pixel: For marketing purposes, we use Custom Audience of Facebook Inc. This cookie makes it possible to track visitors’ search and surfing behavior. With the pixel Facebook is able to recognize you when you visit its closed member area and delivers customized advertisements. Facebook is only able to recognize you if you have an account and have logged in to the Facebook closed member area. In other cases, you will not be affected by this data processing. Facebook stores such cookie up to 180 days. Facebook’s Privacy Statement gives you more information about it: