Their Story

Save and earn

The Dutch mobile app SCOUPY offers consumers offers and discounts at their local stores, as well as cashback on purchases during regular Cashback Parade events.

Their Goal

Install and save

As a young and rapidly growing company, SCOUPY wanted to encourage more people to install its app-and get saving.

There is no other medium that allows us to teach a specific audience as directly as Facebook. We can target by gender and demographics, and get really detailed about user interests and behaviours. In this way, the SCOUPY ads are only shown to people for whom it is really relevant-that's very rewarding for us, because conversion rates are much higher!
Valentijn Bras Founder and CEO, SCOUPY
Their Solution

Timing and targeting

We created effective app install campaigns. Mobile app ads were the obvious place to start. The campaigns were timed to coincide with upcoming Cashback Parade events.

We used Facebook targeting to narrow down the campaign audiences and serve ads to the ideal SCOUPY user. The team targeted people with an interest in brands and products that were relevant to current offers and Cashback Parades. Several ad creatives with the ‘Install Now’ call-to-action button were tested to find the most effective combination.

Their Success

Twice as effective

SCOUPY has attracted a whole new audience of app users through its successful app install campaigns on Facebook, which proved to be twice as effective as other channels. Its April-May 2015 campaign results included: