#1 We encourage openness.

Our work culture is driven by our openness. We are free to speak our minds without fear of retribution. Politics and hidden agendas do not interest us. Our #1 priority is to be open and honest with each other and with our partners.

#2 We’re keen on transparency.

Transparency is fundamental to our culture and it is embodied by everyone. Everyone on the team is mindful of what the others are working on and who they should get guidance from. We are transparent about our objectives, activities, and progress, which we always have access to in real-time.

#3 We love teamwork.

We are empowered to accomplish more by working together and cross-functionally. We collaborate with colleagues at all levels with ease. Our decision-making is enhanced by cross-functional collaboration between teams and people from various cultural backgrounds.

#4 We expect to delight.

We strive to become the #1 lead generation agency which is only possible through dedication and hard work. We have ownership over our work and make every effort to get better results. We’re result-oriented and expect you to be too.

#5 We have respect for each other.

We are genuinely appreciated and respected in all aspects of our lives, both professional and personal. We don’t hold back when it comes to compliments or speaking our minds. We have high regard for the people with whom we collaborate, and we achieve great things together.

#6 We’re connected.

We all feel accepted, valued, and have a sense of belonging. We are committed to building a sustainable and scalable company. That’s what binds us all together. We keep in touch across time zones and always have time to listen.

#7 We thrive on freedom.

We can be ourselves and be the creators of our own success at Social Blue. Each of us has complete independence and unwavering support. We’re always encouraged to trust our judgment and not to ask for approval at every step. As a result, we continually push ourselves to do our best for the company and our partners.

#8 Who says work can’t be fun?

Social Blue is a place where you can learn and grow. Relaxed and easygoing attitudes make our workplace better. We have a friendly work environment and share a lot of laughs. We’re a great team of professionals who work in a very informal atmosphere.

Bottom line

We are a rapidly growing company with open culture, room for growth, and an international environment. If you want to be a part of our great team of professionals, click here to discover our open vacancies.