What do we do?

We develop tailor-made landing pages in order to generate high-quality leads. These leads are distributed to our clients securely for example through an API or SFTP.


Furthermore, we create rich and complex web applications that give our 150 colleagues all over the world a competitive advantage. By creating our own enterprise software, rather than relying on third parties, we can tailor our applications to the exact needs of our colleagues to always keep our company ahead of the competition.


Our applications include a platform for our marketers to track the performance of their campaigns, a billing system for our finance team to promote the smooth operation of our financial system, and a portal for our clients to keep track of all their data. Aside from creating our own enterprise software, our development team enables us to deliver value to our partners and their business. Learn more about our in-house developed technology.

What does our team look like?

Currently, our development team consists of 21 people: 13 Back-end Developers, 7 Front-end Developers, and a Scrum Master. However, our company is growing fast, which means we’re always looking for new talents to join our team!

What does a typical day of a Social Blue developer look like?

As a developer, you are a part of a team responsible for developing a specific software solution. The teams consist of a product owner, a scrum master, and two or more back-end developers. All of our teams run two-week sprints. Each day starts with a stand-up. Every two weeks, all developers within Social Blue get together to give tech talks and share knowledge. Once a year, they travel to an off-site location for our annual hackathon.


Our front-end developers operate in project teams and are working on client products. On a daily basis, they are developing landing pages in close cooperation with our design teams. They are testing and releasing campaigns and making sure that the data from the landing page is sent to an API in the correct format.

What tech are our developers using?

We use the latest versions of PHP and Laravel on the backend, which we absolutely love. Our front-end framework of choice is Vue, and our applications are backed by MySQL databases. We run Docker and Kubernetes on the Google Cloud Platform to serve our apps to our users, while Gitlab takes care of our pipelines, allowing our teams to deliver results rapidly.



Our front-end developers use HTML5, ES6, CSS3 and BrowserStack to develop. To optimize our landing pages, we use Hotjar, Google Analytics and Tag Manager to help us better understand how visitors interact with our landing pages.

How do our developers make an impact?

Every day an average of 92,500 visitors worldwide visit the landing pages that we create for our customers. Since the beginning, we’ve understood the importance of a strong digital infrastructure and our in-house tech team is a clear indication of this. We’ve made giant strides to build the software solutions that have contributed to our substantial growth across 10 offices in 9 countries. Besides empowering all the people within our company, our developers are also making an impact on business worldwide. They excel in creating robust software solutions which allow us to deliver desirable results for our clients in real-time.

Interested in working at Social Blue?

We’re continuously looking for new development talent. Do you feel working for Social Blue is the next step in your career? Then feel free to check out our current job openings and reach out to us!