Intereno is the Dutch specialist in the modernisation and renovations of kitchens. They have renovated over 8,000 kitchens. With quick and cost-effective solutions, the company makes kitchens look like new. Intereno stands for quality, reliability, vision and craftsmanship. These values are similar to ours and key factors to our successful cooperation.

The need for leads

Six years ago, Intereno was looking for new potential customers. They wanted to generate leads in house. That wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be and the results were disappointing. Harry van der Kamp, marketing and sales manager of Intereno, got in touch with Bart Kramer, our Chief Sales Officer, and decided to partner up.

Social Blue’s contribution to the growth of Intereno

Ever since, we have helped Intereno to generate steady volumes of high-quality, scalable leads. With the lead generation platform that we have built, Intereno was able to continue its growth over the years.

This long-term collaboration resulted in countless ads and creative materials over time. From ad copy to before/after photos to landing pages, we did everything to generate sales-ready leads.

Intereno supplied us with photos from their renovation projects, which turned out to be very beneficial to the campaign. We developed a video together with Intereno in 2016 that shows potential customers what can be done with their kitchen.

The key to outsourcing lead generation

A few things are especially important to lead generation, according to Intereno’s Marketing & Sales Manager Harry van der Kamp, such as lead costs and conversion rates. “Of course, you also want a reliable source that is transparent and flexible. Clear communication from both parties is key.” In the early stages, many meetings were held to discuss the performance of the campaign. We brainstormed new ideas in order to create a high-performing marketing campaign that generates sales-ready leads that can be followed up by our internal call centre.

"Transparency and cooperation are key to help each other grow."
Harry van der Kamp Marketing and sales manager Intereno

After generating leads for Intereno for several years, it doesn’t take much for us to be on the same page about progress and performance. According to the sales and marketing manager of Intereno, everything is going well, and quality leads come in consistent quantities almost automatically.

If you are planning to outsource your lead generation, we offer the expertise of our talented team who will deliver the best possible results. Want to learn more about how we can be your lead generation partner? Get in touch!