Facebook offers the possibility to zoom in on our most important target group: young men. We also learnt what the best approach is by testing which concept has the most impact (highest conversion) on young men.
Lex Liebregts Program Manager Matchis

Business Objective

Matchis’ goal is to get more people to become stem cell donors. They want to help patients who suffer from leukaemia and other serious diseases. This was done by allowing the target audience to share their details in order to let Matchis build their potential donor database.


Matchis is a non-profit organization and received an ANBI-status in 2008. An institution may only be an ANBI if they sign for at least a 90% commitment to the public good. Furthermore, Matchis stands for relevant, reliable and caring.

NGO Objective

Potential donors

We successfully used Facebook advertising to recruit stem cell donors for Matchis, by recruiting large volumes of online sign ups.

Business Solution

Shared knowledge for the best leads

Matchis wanted to reach their most interesting audience via Facebook: males and females between 18 and 35 years old. We created a dedicated Facebook campaign to recruit potential donors.

Thanks to the reach & frequency and remarketing campaign we ran earlier in the year, we were able to reach the most valuable groups efficiently. The creatives created by Social Blue’s copywriters and ad designers for the Matchis Foundation had a powerful message, clear call-to-action and converted well. Eventually, Social Blue’s Facebook marketing specialists extensively tested ads, placements and audiences, and made sure we achieved our qualitative and quantitative goals.
Koen Verhoeff CMO Social Blue
Facebook tactics

Reach & frequency, testimonials & carousel ads

We created a campaign for Matchis with the goal to reach the target audience on Facebook. Matchis worked with us to create perfect carousel ads for the best results. Thanks to reach, frequencies and retargeting strategies, the ads were targeted to Facebook users between 18 and 35 years old.

Key Results

The reach and frequencies targeting opt-in made it possible to find and approach new potential donors. Together with the pixel optimization, Social Blue is able to maintain the high quality.

Free buzz

Social Blue charges per lead, so the almost 1.9 million views created a free buzz during the campaign. The key metrics: