Lead generation is crucial for our business and finding sources of reliable, well-performing leads is difficult. However, we have seen great success with Social Blue and the leads they provide us with. Using Facebook they are able to bring our CTAs to life and they can geotarget leads where we need them.
Connie Tope Bloom Hearing Specialists UK

Business Objective

Bloom Hearing’s goal was to find people who are interested in trying a hearing aid. We invited people to try a hearing aid two weeks for free. Interested consumers left their details for Bloom Hearing to contact them and schedule an appointment with one of their specialists. We found 11,000 interested people in less than a year.

Bloom Hearing Specialists

Bloom Hearing is a network of hearing centres staffed by qualified audiologists all over the UK. They help their customers on their journey to better hearing by providing excellent customer service and the newest solutions to hearing loss.

By using a variation of visuals across all Facebook products for this campaign, we were able to successfully target the right customers for Bloom Hearing
Rob Ransome Facebook Marketing Specialist
Facebook Tactics

Smart audience targeting & lookalike audiences

We targeted cities all over the UK to ensure the leads lived nearby Bloom Hearing’s shops. And with lookalike audiences, we could target Facebook users that have similar interests to Bloom Hearing’s customers.

Key Results

The target audience comprised of males and females aged 50 and older was easily reached by Facebook ads. This increased the potential for members of this audience to view and interact with these specific ads, which helped generate a large amount of high-quality leads.

Free branding

Since we only charge per lead, Bloom Hearing didn’t have to pay for the 15 million people over 50 who viewed the ads. The key metrics: