The Right Audience

You could have the flashiest ad, a video worth 10K, killer copy, and still generate zero leads. If you’re a) not in the channels where your audiences hang out and b) not speaking directly to them. An optimized campaign means knowing your audience deep down and providing them with a solution to their needs. It means speaking in simple terms and leaving the jargon for a corporate pamphlet. The success of any lead generation campaign will depend on zeroing in on who your audience is instead of casting a wide net across the web. Having an optimized audience in full detail will make all the difference.

Hyperfocus approach

Let’s be a little honest here. People have a lot going on in their lives, which means they’re probably not paying much attention to you or your message (there are some exceptions, bear with us). It’s a big, bad, loud world out there on the internet. Digital marketing experts estimate that most people are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. At some point, we all start ignoring brands and advertising messages. That’s why it’s so important to have hyperfocus on lead generation. Be present where your audience is, reinforce your message and connect. Don’t add to the noise. Speak clearly, concisely, and offer a real solution… in all the right channels.

An optimized landing page

Your landing page is the environment where your potential customers come to learn more about your offer and where they make that final decision to turn into leads and eventually into your clients. That’s why the landing page is such an essential part of your funnel, if not the most crucial part. So how do you make sure your landing page is working for you? Keep it simple. Your landing page should be about one thing and one thing only – to convert. This is not the space to hang your bells and whistles. Stick to one goal, design for usability and reduce friction, make your value proposition clear, and have a compelling call to action. Make it easy for your audience to choose you.

A clear, incentivizing call to action

Speaking of keeping it simple, you must be as straightforward as possible about the action you want your potential customer to take. You may have several services, products, an amazing headquarters, and an even better team. Still, your lead generation campaign is not the place to talk about this. The art of capturing a lead should be about your client and what your product or service will do for them. This is not about you. That being said, your incentive and subsequent call to action need to be clear, concise, and to the point. To decide, answer this: What immediate action do you want your potential client to take?

Concise method to capture leads

There may be many marketing strategies to generate leads. Still, not every approach is right for you, your business, and your audience. The key to a winning campaign that actually works for you is one that your audience can relate to and create a methodology around it. Will you find the right formula on the first try? Probably not. Effective lead generation is an ever-evolving mechanism that requires systematic testing and optimization. Again and again and again. A fruitful and successful lead gen campaign takes time and patience.

Quick & effective follow-up plan

You did it! You created optimized ads, built a compelling landing page, and got people to leave their info and be interested in your product or offer. Don’t cue happy dance just yet. There’s still work to be done. The next essential step in your lead gen campaign is a follow-up plan for those hot leads. We can’t emphasize this enough – follow up as quickly as possible. Will you have a dedicated person or customer service department reaching out to those leads? Will you be contacting them via email or phone? How fast will your turnaround time be? For our clients and partners, we ensure real-time lead delivery. We suggest using the momentum of interest from consumers’ requests. Timing is everything in this step.

Building long-term relationships

Relationships are everything in marketing. Long gone are the days where sales were a one-way street. The consumer today wants to be engaged and involved in the buying process. They want conversations, they want a connection, and they want trust from the brands they choose. Work to establish long-term partnerships that have transparency on both sides. For us at Social Blue, collaboration and trust are an essential part of our pillars. We work with our clients to make sure our relationships continue to be beneficial. Our clients are encouraged to provide us with feedback on the leads they are receiving, which in turn helps us to learn more to optimize conversion rates and generate even higher-quality leads over time.

Focus on what you do best

Lead generation is a long-term game that requires time, money, and resources. That’s why many companies choose to focus on what they do best – whatever their product or service is – and work with an external provider whose core business is to generate leads, like Social Blue. Why is it a good option to outsource your customer acquisition to an agency? Optimization of resources. Instead of you and your team wasting money and time trying to figure out the elements mentioned above and getting it right, opt to use someone else’s tools and expertise while you only pay for results. That’s the magic of Social Blue’s pay-per-lead model: you only pay for the leads you receive. That means not spending money on media buying and creation, copywriters, designers, strategists, specialists, campaign optimization, etc., etc. It means working smart to grow your business by leveraging someone else’s resources.

Bottom line

Lead generation is the surest way to grow your business and start scaling. By implementing all the elements previously mentioned, you can generate a winning lead gen campaign.

Do you want to know how you can grow your business exponentially with the help of a result-oriented, tech-driven pay-per-lead model that covers the whole ad spend from start to finish – a model bolstered by free branding and engagement without the risk of monthly fees or a lengthy contract? Let’s chat!