Employing an outsourced lead generation strategy

Le Comptoir des Langues was looking for a qualitative source of leads to highlight their e-learning and communicate their message to prepare for the arrival of the ‘Compte Personnel de Formation’ (CPF). The CPF is a new French regulation which states that each employee receives an annual budget of 500€ for training courses as of January 1st, 2020.

We created a tailor-made online marketing campaign to generate consumer leads for our client in December 2019, right before the pandemic shook up the world.

Ever since partnering up with Social Blue, their professionalism and involvement with our company has been highly appreciated. Their approach has been well structured and the whole team has been efficient in all areas particularly in maintaining the leads at a high level of quality despite the difficult circumstances related to the health-related crisis. Our salespeople were quick to appreciate working with the leads delivered by the Social Blue team. Thanks to them, we have been able to get a pretty good transformation rate. Well done to you all! Keep up the good work!
Maryannick Courcenet, CEO, Le Comptoir des Langues

Evaluation of the lead quality

At Social Blue, we always start our partnerships with a pilot. This is a test that generates a small number of leads to ensure that the lead quality meets our clients’ requirements. During a pilot, our campaign managers are in close contact with all the stakeholders to discuss the progress and results. As we cherish long-term partnerships, it’s important for us to receive feedback in order to continuously optimize the campaign and improve the quality of our leads.

In order to build quality long-term partnerships, it’s essential to fully understand the client’s requirements, stay available, and be reactive to best meet their expectations.
Izena Eyquem, Campaign Manager, Social Blue France

We’ve generated 800 leads for Le Comptoir des Langues to start with and gave them some time to apprehend a good follow-up. All the ad spend was covered by Social Blue since we work on a pay-per-lead basis. This means that our experienced internal teams created ads, landing pages, videos, photos, and also bought all of the media to generate traffic towards this campaign. Our client only had to pay a fixed price per lead.

The pay-per-lead model that is being employed for our clients is cost-effective and result-oriented. It’s a great way for businesses to avoid the risk and high set-up costs of lead generation.
Nathan Dubail, Business Development Manager

After analyzing and evaluating the pilot, the transformation from lead to sale showed to be very successful and the results were very encouraging for both sides. With the help of Social Blue, Comptoir des Langues was one of the first companies in their sector to communicate the new French CPF regulation regarding the available online training budget for all employees in the country. Based on the fruitful results of the pilot, our client has decided to continue a partnership to ensure a lead generation flow for their online education services.

Turning a lead generation pilot into a continuous stream of leads

Early 2020, we optimized the landing pages and enhanced targeting options for our social campaigns even further, which allowed us to increase monthly lead volumes immensely while maintaining high quality.

We helped our client to find new consumers that engaged and converted into opportunities through our push marketing campaigns. We’ve tapped into the right channels and audiences to generate a steady flow of qualified leads.

The trust of a client is the key to a solid partnership. We enjoy working with the Le Comptoir des Langues and helping the team generate qualified leads.
Houda Zarraf, Head Of Business, Social Blue France

Despite COVID-19, the campaign ran the whole year. During the lockdown, the volume increased as online training modules became more popular and people could profit from the positive impact of CPF. Therefore, we did not pause the campaign during the lockdown in March.

Thanks to our approach, Social Blue has helped Comptoir des Langues to deliver an important message at the right time to their target audience which gave them a steady flow of new consumers.