Social Blue launches The Partner Portal This is the next step in connecting our partners to their potential customers in a better way.

Today, we’re delighted to announce that our Partner Portal has been rolled out globally. After several internal and external feedback sessions, all our clients are now able to track the live performance of their campaigns, see conversion insights and schedule recurring detailed reports for the moments they need it most.


The Partner Portal team has been working hard on the foundation of this platform and while our users are settling, we are already building the next steps. I would love to give you a brief overview!


After logging in, the dashboard gives immediate insights into the performance of all campaigns, including the best converting age group, gender, and devices. Not just because we want to be as transparent as possible, but also to inspire all of our client’s marketing campaigns.

Campaign & ads insights

In order to keep track of performance, we make use of high-level statistical insights. And, as we’re working on campaigns, we’d like to share every single detail with our clients. Together with them, we’re optimising for the best results possible. In short: Our partner selects the date range, we’ll serve all the insights needed, right away.

Scheduled reporting 

We know our clients are busy. That’s why they don’t need to log in every day, week or month to export reporting. Just log in once to schedule at what moment an in-depth report should be sent. Just before the marketing meeting or at the end of the week. Or both.

The Partner Portal is a user-based platform for all our clients. We highly value all user feedback to make sure we’re working on their wishes continuously. At the same time, our performance-based mindset focuses on efficiency. Not only on sharing insights, but also on improving collaboration.

I am very proud of our dedicated team’s results. Together, we have laid the foundation for a new way of collaborating. We’re only at the start of this project and we’re aiming to set the new market standard.

Kevin Bruggink

Head of Innovation