Business objective

WWF wanted to gather as much signatures as possible for a petition against wildlife crime to influence policy makers.

The effectiveness of a petition to influence policy is dependent on the number of signatures. Social Blue delivered a great contribution by reaching the right people at the right time through Facebook. Thanks to their expertise with regards to targeting, WWF was able to recruit new donors from the people who signed the petition. A great outcome for WWF!
Marlie Sweep Senior Marketeer, WWF Netherlands
NGO Objective

Single opt-in emails

We successfully employed Facebook advertising to recruit donors for WWF.

Business Solution

Shared knowledge for the best leads

WWF wanted to reach their most important audience on Facebook, people who care about nature and the environment. We created a campaign to gather those who signed the Stop Wildlife Crime petition within an audience.

Facebook Tactics

Smart audience targeting and lookalike audiences

We created a campaign for WWF with the goal to gather signatures for a petition. WWF worked with Social Blue to create the perfect landing page for the best result. Thanks to custom lookalike audiences, the ads were targeted to Facebook users with interests similar to existing WWF donors.

By using existing data as the base for a Facebook campaign, you avoid investing budget in the wrong audience. The creation of lookalike audiences is one of the best ways to engage the audience you want to reach.
Kevin Bruggink Head of Innovation, Social Blue

Key Results

The results of this campaign exceeded expectation. The target audience of women between 45 and 65 years old is easily reached and engaged by Facebook ads. On top of that, the ads and positive comments created quite a bit of free organic buzz around the brand WWF. The results: