Social Blue continue to deliver a consistent volume of high quality leads that convert well to pledge for UNICEF New Zealand.
Ellen Voller Fundraising Director, UNICEF New Zealand

Business Objective

UNICEF New Zealand’s goal was to present a compelling campaign about how the organisation supports children around the world, and encourage their target audience to engage with the campaign and share their details. This would allow UNICEF NZ to build their potential donor database and convert this audience to pledge.

NGO Objective

Potential monthly donors

We successfully use Facebook advertising to recruit regular donors for UNICEF NZ, by delivering large volumes of high-quality telemarketing leads.

Business Solution

Shared knowledge for the best leads

UNICEF NZ wanted to reach an important audience on Facebook: people who care about children in need. We created a dedicated Facebook campaign to gather potential regular donors.

Facebook tactics

Smart audience targeting, lookalike audiences & lead ads

We created a campaign for UNICEF NZ with the goal to engage their target audience on Facebook. UNICEF NZ worked with us to create the perfect lead ads for the best results. Thanks to custom lookalike audiences, the ads were targeted to Facebook users with interests similar to existing UNICEF NZ donors.

Key Results

Analysing the existing donor database of UNICEF NZ, Custom Audiences & Audience Insights made it possible to find and approach new potential donors who have the same characteristics as current donors in order to achieve the highest match rates possible. With pixel optimization, we were able to keep the quality high.

Measuring the results is vital to drive our business model, but by measuring the results from ad view to actual phone call, we were able to optimize our texts and visuals based on the results of the outbound calls made by the call center.
Bart Kramer Chief Sales Officer

Free buzz

Since we only charge per lead, the almost 1.3 million views created a free buzz during the campaign. The results: