Their Story

Ticket to ride

Part of the Dutch railways organisation, NS International is the Netherlands’ official seller of train tickets to over 3,000 destinations across the European rail network.

Their Goal

Generating leads

NS International wanted to generate high quality sales leads from new and returning train passengers by driving up the number of subscriptions to its regular email newsletter.

Their Solution

Treat the parents

NS International asked us to devise and run a campaign. The initial campaign used ads and Custom Audiences to share a call to action to sign up for its email newsletter. Lookalike audiences then helped NS International target ads to additional people with similar profiles to existing subscribers.

To get the attention of its priority target audience of parents with young children, we used a special incentive with the ads: the chance to win international train tickets for the whole family.

Facebook offers exceptionally deep targeting options that help us zone in on the specific buyer personas we're aiming to engage with our campaigns. It also allows us to connect campaigns for specific products with specific audiences, which means we can allocate our budgets very precisely and with maximum impact.
Paco Vermeulen Online Marketing, NS International
Their Success

All aboard!

Thanks to deeply relevant ad targeting, parents were happy to get on board and sign up for the newsletter. What’s more, they helped create a buzz around the campaign through their own shares and comments.