Their Story

A juicy innovation

Naturalicious is a high-tech health company that develops innovative processes and technologies to improve the accessibility and shelf-life of 100% natural premium juices and snacks. The Naturalicious mission is to make healthy juices and snacks accessible to everyone.

Their Goal

Raise brand awareness

Naturalicious wanted to raise brand awareness and communicate the core positioning message that its beverage and snacks are premium quality and available at a competitive price point.

Thanks to reach and frequency, we were able to precisely determine the interests of each target group. This information enabled us to target exactly the right groups with specific offers, so that each juice we showed was just the right product for the person viewing the ad. This approach increases the likelihood that the person will respond by making a purchase.
Tabe Ydo Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, Naturalicious
Their Solution Reaching out

During the brand launch, we used the reach and frequency ad buying option to ensure that it reached its target audience as often as necessary to convey the core message.

Naturalicious created 2 high quality video ads, as well as a specifically designed carousel ad detailing a special introductory offer. Using these methods, the company was able to engage with almost two-thirds of the active Facebook audience in the Netherlands.

The target group that showed high engagement with the video ads and the carousel ad were then saved as a Custom Audience that could be used to target a future direct response campaign.

To maximize the campaign effectiveness, Naturalicious used the Facebook pixel to gain insight into traffic on its website that was generated from Facebook, resulting in a significant increase in new leads that had the potential to convert to direct sales.

Facebook is the perfect platform for creating a successful campaign that delivers the results you’re looking for.
Kevin Bruggink Head of Innovation, Social Blue