Business Objective

Intereno’s goal was to engage new customers for their 1-day kitchen renovation offer. They had previously tried in-house lead generation but quickly outsourced this to Social Blue in order to acquire potential clients in a better, more affordable, and faster manner.

About our client

Intereno is a leading Dutch specialist in the modernization and renovations of kitchens. With quick and cost-effective solutions, Intereno has renovated thousands of kitchens and made them look as good as new within one day.

We partnered up with Social Blue six years ago. Ever since, they have helped us generate steady volumes of high-quality, scalable leads which contributed to our growth over the years.
Harry van der Kamp Marketing and Sales Manager, Intereno

Campaign strategy

All creative materials were tailor-made for Intereno – from ad copy to unique landing pages, videos, and before and after photos from renovation projects. We did everything to generate sales-ready leads. Our client didn’t have to pay for any of this but was only charged a fixed price per lead.

Because of our longterm relationship with Intereno, we earned a lot of trust and freedom regarding the testing of new materials, which is important for us to maintain great results. Besides, our client was always willing to supply us with photos from their renovation projects. This proved helpful in showing potential consumers what could be done with their kitchen.


I'm proud of the accomplishments of our team. Drawing insights from the campaign with their expertise and creating successful new material that took off year after year has been great!
Philip Snoey Kiewit Facebook Marketing Specialist

Key results

We managed to create a high-performing marketing campaign for Intereno that has generated a steady flow of sales-ready leads for years.

Free Branding

Since we only charged our client per lead, Intereno profited from free branding whereby 2.143.315 million people were reached in the past year, without having to pay for this online exposure.