About our client

BathWraps is an industry leader in transforming bathrooms, and they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jacuzzi. Their manufacturing experience allows them to be one of the fastest in the industry! BathWraps are innovators and have an earned reputation for handling even the trickiest of jobs with integrity, professionalism, and excellence. Their customers receive the highest-quality product with the best installation available.

Working with the Social Blue team has been a fantastic partnership. We have had a lot of success with their lead generation efforts. They consistently optimize and improve the results with new campaigns and new creative executions. We continue to grow our partnership because of their efforts.
John Glaser, Media Planner, BathWraps

Business objective

BathWraps’ goal was to find homeowners who are looking for a safer, more convenient bathing option. Customers could opt for either a significant discount or the choice to pay until 2022, interest-free. Potential leads left their details to be contacted by BathWraps to schedule a free appointment. BathWraps is the manufacturer and connected their costumer with an authorized dealer in their area. Through our strategies, we help BathWraps with their customer acquisition.

What I like most about the collaboration with BathWraps is the trust and the ability to test new strategies continuously. Any campaign we work on may take multiple approaches to get it running at an optimal level. Working with a partner like BathWraps has been a pleasure because they understand the process profoundly and share open feedback for optimization.
Aaron Backun, Account Executive, Social Blue

Campaign strategy

We used tailor-made Facebook ads for our campaigns to display how quick-and-easy a tub-to-shower transformation could be. To provide BathWraps with their desired volume of high-quality leads, we targeted various cities all over the U.S.A where our partner has contractors. We were in constant communication to ensure the targeting strategy was up-to-date to keep delivering the most valuable leads for them.

BathWraps is always open to us testing different creatives, strategies, and call-to-actions, which is essential for the success of our partnership. Furthermore, the open communication between BathWraps and Social Blue enables our partnership to run smoothly. We aim to be as proactive as possible and continually strive for improvement to achieve the best possible results for our clients.
Icha Santos, Campaign Manager, Social Blue

Key results

Through astute strategies, engaging creatives, and in-house technology, we reached BathWraps’ key target audience. Our robust and effective lead acquisition funnels guaranteed high click-to-lead conversion. The combination of high-quality leads and volumes ensured a successful campaign.

Extra exposure

Because we only charge a fee per lead, our advertisers benefit from effective and measurable results. As a bonus, BathWraps received extra exposure at no cost to them. Through our targeted ads, creative strategies, and trade tricks, we provide our partners with many new potential customers in addition to the initial goal. In total, we reached 58.4 million people for free throughout the campaign.